Energy Foods – More Than Iron

Feeling tired and lethargic?

Maybe you’ve exhausted all your energy and completed depleted from day-to-day activities?

Or perhaps you are not getting enough energy-boosting foods

Diet plays a key role in everyone’s well-balance lifestyle

Here are some energy-boosting foods to help you heighten your mood, reduce irritability and also get you perky without reaching for a cup of coffee


Meat: Iron is found in red-meat and is the one thing people think of for added energy.

Vegetarians don’t get enough iron and are recommended supplements but there are other sources which are plant based iron sources, however, they are not readily absorbed by the body. Pair iron-rich foods with Vitamin C to max. absorption


Fermented Foods – They smell but only if you don’t know how to cook and eat them properly. Lots of probiotics help with your body’s ability to absorb good nutrients which can be converted into energy

Image result for kimchi recipe banchan
Korean Food Gallery

Asparagus – Contains lots of Vitamin B which can then be used to convert food into energy

Image result for asparagus salad
The Healthy Chef

Cardamon – Pick up some Chai tea instead of Coffee this afternoon and boost your energy

Image result for cardamom chai tea
Emperor Akbar Tea

Cashews – Full of Magnesium which is important in converting energy to be used by the body

Image result for cashews








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