A Recipe To Use Up All Those Apples

Fall Recipe From Travelle Kitchen & Bar

The Langham, Chicago is a luxury hotel for the luxury traveller

Voted the best hotel in Chicago by Travel + Leisure, the hotel feels so exclusive… from the private check-in to the fancy corporate lounge with complementary Afternoon Tea and Aperitifs to prestigious Langham Guests

If you don’t get a chance to #liveitup, definitely pop into the restaurant, Travelle Kitchen & Bar. Senior Sous Chef, Jeff Vucko shares his favourite Fall Menu to get your taste-buds tingling with excitement


Chef Tips  —

The other day I did a beet salad with apple onion jam.  The beets were roasted and peeled.  I made a burnt citrus and argan oil vinaigrette. 1:2 ratio. Garnished with a little chevre and watercress it was so nice!



Apple Onion Jam Recipe

In one pot start:

2 cups white sugar, taken to a dry caramel.

¼ cup butter


In second pot:


2 cups diced shallots

1 clove garlic

2 quarts of apples, peeled and diced, no seeds.

2 star anise

1 cinnamon stick

10 allspice berries

Salt to taste


When nice and caramelized, blend and pass through an chinois.


Upon both pots being ready, you combine and mix.  Chill in a cooler and taste and season with salt or lemon juice as needed.

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