5 Dishes And Reasons To Visit Del Frisco’s Grille

Can you get more American than a good old-fashioned steakhouse?

Quality meats, great cocktails and friendly service may seem like a PR pitch but Del Frisco’s Grille offers the quintessential American experience everyone looks for when in Texas, Connecticut and even New York.

So there are a lot of locations but there are a lot of reasons to visit. Here are my top 5 dishes to try at Del Frisco’s Grille – I was skeptical but now I’m a believer.

T-bone steak – The massive T-bone steak landed in front of me – succulent, juicy and full of fat – get this if you want to splurge and protein-up


Cheese-steak Spring Rolls – Life-changing according to some foodies, but let’s just say a great dish to get with drinks.


Coconut Cream Pie – Imagine your favourite coconut cream pie on steroids – massive and amazingly delicious – come just for pie and you won’t be disappointed


6-layer lemon cake – Another dessert but you don’t want to go home with regrets, so order this one, eat half and take the other half as your mid-night snack. Juicy, moist and indulgent


Dutch Mule – Specialty cocktails come strong here. The St. Germain infused cocktail is a favourite but the Dutch Mule with real grapefruit is one of a kind



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