NYC’s Red Velvet Shake from Harlem Shake (Recipe)

Make this now!

Love Vanilla ice-cream?

Love Red Velvet Cake from Magnolia Bakery in NYC? Any Sex and the City fans out there?

Boost your Calcium intake with this totally awesome Red Velvet Shake from Harlem Shake in New York City #newyorkcity #harlemshake


Interested in Harlem Shake? Check out my top 10 reasons to visit the newest location in Harlem on Second Ave.

Why? Because it’s Friday!



6 oz organic vanilla ice cream (we use Blue Marble Ice Cream)

1 oz crumbled Red Velvet Cake, plus 1 oz for garnish (we use cake from Chatman J. Cakes in the Bronx)

1.5 oz organic whole milk (we use New York Fresh Milk)

1 teaspoon Fabbri chocolate paste



Blend all ingredients to smooth consistency in blender. Pour Into serving glass and garnish with red velvet cake crumbs.


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