A Local Gem in Brooklyn, Connecticut

There are many great things about the state of Connecticut.

Ice-cream farms

Great lobster shacks 

and a beautiful coastline which connects New Yorkers with Bostonians.


Delve a little deeper into the heart of the Nutmeg State and you will really find a gem.

The Golden Lamb Buttery is one of those secret foodie experiences you really don’t want to share with fellow  foodies but if you don’t… you really are not doing justice to the food industry as a self-professed food-lover.

The Golden Lamb Buttery sits in the quiet corner of Connecticut where life is goes by at the speed of a tractor.

You will see fluffy white sheet, lots of trees, glorious farm stands dotting the scenic route and the hidden Connecticut gem, The Golden Lamb Buttery.

Open only for business during the warmer seasons, this year marks the 53rd season where the Golden Lamb Buttery has catered to smiling guests with farm-fresh signature dishes.

Dinner is exceptionally unique and reservations come highly recommended. Be sure to put on your best dress and get your husbands / partners to dust off their navy blue blazer. The Golden Lamb Buttery is what dinner should be for special occasion, memorable, delicious and so unforgettable that you book yourself a return trip before you leave.


For a taste of The Golden Lamb Buttery, here is the Country Cottage Soup – makes many servings.





1/3lb      butter

2 cups   onions, diced

4 cups   leeks, coarsely chopped

¼ cup    garlic, diced

6 cups   chicken broth

3 lb.        cream cheese

½ gal      milk

3 small  cauliflower, diced (or 2 large)

¼ cup    lovage

¼ cup    chives

3 cups   celery, diced

⅛ cup    dill

3 Tbls.   lemon pepper


  1. Combine butter, onions and leeks in large soup pot.
  2. Place on medium heat and WILT.
  3. Add cream cheese in small amounts allowing it to soften.
  4. Add garlic and broth.
  5. Allow cream cheese to melt into the soup on low heat.
  6. Allow to cool for at least 15 minutes.
  7. Add milk, cauliflower and lovage.
  8. Chill.
  9. Add chives, celery, dill and lemon pepper.
  10. Heat to taste; adjust herbs/spices as necessary.
  11. Reheat in water bath over medium to high heat for 1 hour.  Lower to low heat.

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