Laut NYC – Healthier Ingredients for Asian Food Lovers

Food Chit-Chat with Laut Owners Salil and Stacey on Asian food and misconceptions in an Asian kitchen

What is the Philosophy at Laut when it comes to dining habits and catering to such a diverse bunch of eaters in NYC?
Our Philosophy for Laut is to showcase highlight street food and comfort foods from renowned dining destinations such as India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and also Javanese/Indonesian cuisine, all made from the freshest, locally sourced ingredients. Our intention is to share these remarkable food culture and dishes from Asia with New Yorkers at affordable prices as well, as street food is meant to be accessible to anyone.
Asian food is unfortunately known for MSG and other ingredients which are artificial or chemically made, how does Laut differ from other Asian eateries?
We use a lot of fermented products to add umami (shrimp paste, soy bean paste, bean curd are some examples) as opposed to MSG. Our intention is to make everything fresh and made in-house
Which dish at Laut best reflects this natural approach ?
There is no better example for this one than Asam Laksa, one of the most famous dishes in South East Asia. Penang Asam Laksa is one of the most famous examples.
And your new restaurant in Brooklyn, Chinese Club?
For Brooklyn it was to educate our customers about the diversity of Indian Food, and let them know Indian Food is not just about Chicken Tikka Masala and there are different kinds of cuisine like Indo-Chinese food which is thriving in India.
You can expect good quality food at affordable, accessible prices and something special as we try to make traditional street food with local ingredients


Love authentic food? Get Laut’s Roti Canai

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