Michelin Chef Maurizio Bardotti loves Tuscany

Quick Minute with Tuscan local and Michelin-starred chef, Maurizio Bardotti of Restaurant La Colombaia



 Why do you love Tuscany?

The most important and wonderful feature of the food in Tuscany is the freshness of the many different ingredients that we can find every day. It’s a land rich in all the products that a restaurant needs: the meat with the wonderful native breeds, fruits and vegetables of the many local private producers, the fish comes from a different areas all across the Tuscan coast but mainly from the province of Grosseto, e.g. cheeses and many other things ….


Best things to eat in Tuscany?

In Tuscany everyone should eat the fantastic soups, such as Pappa al Pomodoro, panzanella, zuppa di farro and beans, the famous ribollita, black cabbage gruel, acqua cotta etc …. Also there are fantastic products such as, salami with pork Cinta Senese, pecorino and goat cheese of Siena which can be found in abundance in the Tuscan countryside.



Favorite Restaurants in Tuscany to visit?

My favorite restaurants in Tuscany are: restaurant Arnolfo di Colle val d’Elsa, Restaurant Belsoggiorno San Gimignano.


How would you describe Tuscany? And why should people visit?

I love Tuscany because it is a land rich in resources and beautiful landscapes that change shape every few miles. It has everything: sea, mountains, hills, plains, and then so much history and art movements that influenced the whole of Italy. For this, I repeat, it offers a wide and diverse selection of extremely high quality products that every chef can use in their kitchen.



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