Best Bakeries in Rio #rio2016 Padaria

Everyone in Rio has a beach-bod

Home to some of the best superfoods in the world like Acai, coconut water and other great ingredients to fuel your body post-workout, where do you go for carbs in Rio de Janeiro?


Here are some of the BEST bakeries in Rio

Where do you carbo-load?


Talho Capixaba

Pretty much all the drivers you hire for the day will take you to Talho Capixaba

Why? Well, it is one of those up-market-bakeries-who-will-charge-you-through-the-nose kind of place.

A simple queijo minas sandwich will set you back about R15 which is extortion considering other padarias only charge about R6

Local celebrities like to be seen here and on weekends, many Carioca’s heading out to the beach will stop by for some bread, bread and other carbs. Perhaps a place for expats – where money is not really money

The neighbouring padaria next door is just as good without the price-tag.


The Bakers

The Bakers is where you go for all those European breads and pastires you crave… when you are in South America. Many stop by The Bakers for rich pastries in the morning but of course, brunch and lunch are served to make it a destination anytime of the day

La Bicyclette

Everyone pops into La Bicyclette and you will too

Located just outside the gate of the Botanical Gardens, this little bakery / cafe has some great artisan breads and pastries. Many stop in for cakes and cafe de manho on weekends. Pricey but not for visiting tourists from the US and Australia where other bakeries of the same calibre will set you back one months salary


Boulangerie Guerin

The bakers work tirelessly through the night and wee hours of the morning making flaky pastries and really good bread. Once again, the name says it all, it is a boulangerie and not a Brazilian padaria so expect high-ish prices.

Something you would find in Brooklyn or the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne








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