Fogo de Chao, The Original Brazilian Churrascaria

Asadors have reached Michelin status around the world

Chefs going back to old-world cooking techniques – wood, fire, good food


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For foodies, Rio de Janeiro is a paradise of gastronomical experiences

Wonderful restaurants can be found dotted throughout the city, despite many claiming São Paulo is the ultimate culinary city.

Not one to argue, many restaurants come originally from São Paulo, often referred to locals as the New York City of Brazil.

Fogo de Chao, a traditional Brazilian Churrascaria started in São Paulo and has now spread across the world with more than 29 locations is where tourists go for the ultmate Brazilian experience.

If you are in Rio for the Olympics, be sure to pop into Fogo de Chao. If you are stuck in NYC or Dallas, you are a lucky-foodie since there are outposts there too.


If you can’t get to any of the locations, try this delicious recipe at home for the ultimate Fogo de Chao experience

Cocada  de Tabuleiro 2

Cocada de Tabuleiro – A classic Brazilian dessert from Fogo de Chao



1 spoon of butter

100 ml of coconut milk

2 L of condensed milk

3 eggs

½ kg of grated coconut

½ L of milk

To prepare

Whip all the ingredients in a blender until it became homogeneous

Take to the oven on a hit of 150 degress for half an hour

Dish up while is still warm with an ice cream ball on top of the cocada.



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