Best Burgers In Rio #rio2016

Everyone will be in Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics this August

But if you are an Olympic athlete, you most likely will be in Barra da Tijuca

If you crave a burger in between training sessions, here top 4 burger places in the areas of Barra da Tijuca and Rio de Janeiro


Have you got a secret burger joint in Rio?

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All images from websites, otherwise mentioned – Comuna is from Rio food site,



Sure Carioca’s have a love affair with Australia (yeah, the Outback Steakhouse is a place they actually enjoy!) so when Aussie Angus beef is on the menu, you know this burger place will be a good one. This place is a casual eatery by a famous chef in Brazil – so high quality comes with higher prices


Touted as a favourite for local photographer, Leo Neves, it has to be good if a local loves it


Hell’s Burger 

A food truck with a loyal following. You should too if you want a good burger on the go


Nook Bier Bar

No one would know this place unless you were walking around buildings for the fun of it in Barra da Tijuca

Super cook concept beer place, go upstairs to eat or sit outside when the weather is good.












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