11,000 Rooms, Trump Running Behind Schedule and Luxury On The Beach – will Rio shine?


If you haven’t heard, the Olympics are in Rio de Janeiro this year

Although the XXXI Games have been slightly marred by the Zika virus outbreak, water sanitation concerns and of course safety being a major issue for both athletes and visitors, the city of Rio has been given the thumbs-up by the IOC.

The Games will go on


Just like all major sporting events, the lead-up to the Olympics is always costly, with rumours that only the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games turning over a hefty profit for host cities.

Hotels have been popping up around the Rio in tourist-ridden neighbourhoods like Copacabana, Ipanema and of course, Maracana which is where the iconic World Cup Maracana Stadium sits.

Barra da Tijuca is probably not only everyone’s radar when visiting Rio, but if you are an investor like Presidential favorite (or not) Mr. Donald Trump, you should visit or even stay in Barra da Tijuca.

Filled with American malls and hundreds of apartment high-risers, hotels are investing big bucks into this neighbourhood which will be the closest to the very new (and not ready) Olympic Park

Fans of Golf, Tennis, Rugby, Gymnastics and Swimming should be based out here


From a hotel perspective, just under 11,000 new hotel rooms will be up and running for the Olympics.


Grand Hyatt opened in 2015 and sits on the beach next to vacant grassland (where Grand Hyatt Residences will be built). On the same street, there are other hotels like the Windsor Barra, Sheraton and other hotels which were conveniently here before the Games bid.

Donald Trump’s newest hotel, Trump Hotel was touted to be opened for the Games and is still on schedule (my Rio2016 sources tell me). However, there is still a lot of rubble on the ground despite workers working day and night. Only in Rio, I guess.

On the same strip as the Olympic Village is Hilton Barra da Tijuca (opened 2015), Novotel Hotel and of course the newest Marriott Hotel, but they are most likely all booked out by broadcasters for the public to enjoy during the Games




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