Farm-To-Table Brazilian Food in Rio

Food in Latin America is really HOT right now

Foodies knew little about the great chefs from South and Central America but rightfully, amazingly talented chefs should be shared with all self-professed foodies around the world.

To head up the next Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil, here is an interview with one of the great chefs from Rio de Janeiro with Michelle TCHEA

Where does a chef go for breakfast, lunch and dinner ?

Chef Raphael Costa e Silva (Rafa to all his friends) of Lasai Restaurant
Where is the best restaurant for simple food in Rio?
Aconchego Carioca
Where do you for breakfast, lunch, dinner in Rio?
Breakfast – slow bakery (late breakfast)
Lunch – Churrascaria Majórica
Dinner – Olympe

What can we expect about reinventing fast food from chefs now? Do you have any interests to go ‘more’ casual?
I do have interest in going more casual for sure. I want to do something that can reach a larger amount of people, that most of the people can try. Casual, good, fun and using the best product we can…..maybe in the future.

Where do you go shopping?
Shopping Rio Sul


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