Shoe designer Marcela Basto – Guide to RIO

Marcela Basto is the owner and designer known around the world for her amazing handmade shoes in Brazil. Unique designs focusing on the craftsmanship and a mixture of materials such as straw, leather, rope and net.

For people heading to Rio for the XXXI Games in August – you really must look out for Marcela’s shoes. What’s her inspiration?

“My designs are inspired by my travels with structure, texture and color but my greatest inspiration is the cool lifestyle of the women in Rio de Janeiro. The beach life and all the essence of being a Carioca. “

Why is Rio such a great shopping destination?
Rio is full of new designers who are trying to break the mold and innovate in the whole concept of bohemian wear, we are seeing a new generation of minimal yet beachy clothes and accessory.
Here is a perfect day in the shoes of fashion designer, Marcela Basto
Favourite places for breakfast, lunch, dinner ?
For breakfast I would recommend Talho Capixaba, a local spot in the heart of Leblon that is full of freshly baked bread and all kinds of pies, very charming in its own way and very classic of the people that live in Leblon. Lunch and dinner depends, if i am on the go i pick up a quick and healthy bite at Verdin or if on the weekends i go all out for either a good pizza at Ferro e Farinha  or a good hamburger at Comuna both located in Botafogo, a bohemian, cool neighborhood full of good drinks, beer and eats.
 Where is your favourite neighbourhood or street for shopping?
I really like Dias Ferreira, a small quaint street in the heart of leblon full of small brands that are starting out with a mix of bohemian pieces. You can walk and shop at your own pace and check out new stuff all within a few blocks from the beach. 
 What are your favourite shops in Rio?
Wasabi is a new upcoming brand that has minimal pieces that i like to mix and match and also Patricia Viera with has leather goods that are indispensable for your wardrobe. 
Best for menswear shopping? If you want something different for your men i would recommend small brands like PARIOCA or HANDRED
And for women? Leblon, Jardim Botanico have great options for women like Dona Coisa, Maria Manuela, Casa Ipanema. 
Best markets for shopping in Rio? Rio design Leblon is a small market that has a little bit of everything for every taste.
Best place to buy things from Brazilian designers? If you want to see various Brazilian designers all together in one place that would be
 What is a great souvenir to buy in Brazil for friends? 
A canga, which is what we use to lay out in the beach instead of a towel. At the beach there are many colorful options to choose and don’t forget to bargain with the local salesman. 

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