2016 Michelin Guide celebrates Street Food

To all the self-professed foodies with a gourmet palate, what do you think of the highly controversial 2016 Michelin Guide celebrating Street Food?

The 2016 Michelin Guide most likely will get another slamming from French gourmets with their latest First Ever Street Food Guide, exclusively covering Macao and Hong Kong. includes the first-ever street food guide, and it exclusively covers Macao and Hong

The complete list is upon us and lists anything and everything from traditional hot dim-sum, durian cakes and even lemoncello gelato

The complete list of the 12 street food must-eats by Michelin are below.





What do you think? Will the Michelin Bubble-boy finally… burst with this latest guide?

  1. Aboong – Because of its location as a port city, Macao has historically been a landing spot for international cuisines. Korean frozen yogurt purveyor Aboong is no exception. Swim right up to the counter for a cool treat in a cone shaped like a fish.
  2.  Chong Shing – Be impressed by the steaming hot dim-sums here! From Shumai to Mah Lai Goh (steamed Chinese sponge cake), you can find all the local favorite dim-sums in this little hidden street
    snack shop
  3. Dai Gwan – Fresh out of the oven! This street vendor near Senado Square is known for its black pepper cakes. Sampling the flaky biscuit-like buns with delicious meat on the inside is a must while in Macao.
  4. Fong Kei – This centuries-old pastry shop specializes in almond cakes and cookies. But not just any old almond cakes and cookies – these have seasoned pork inside.
  5. Lei Ka Choi – An old world standby, clay pot meals are a must for foodies looking for historical menu items. Try stew of ox tail, braised chicken, and pork bell
  6. Lemon Cello – Gelato in Macao? You bet! Located just off the main square in Macao (Senado Square), Lemon Cello offers chilled treats in traditional flavors as well as ginger, banana sesame, and of course -limoncello.
  7. Lord Stow’s Bakery – Home of the iconic Macao-style Portuguese egg tart, it is no surprise that Lord Stow’s Bakery made the list. In Macao, the Portuguese egg tart represents its roots in Portugal with egg custard in flaky, buttery crust, while simultaneously representing its Chinese roots: the pastry is made less sweet to suit southern Chinese taste buds.
  8. Mok Yee Kei – A palace of durian delights. Whether you love it or hate it, the durian fruit is an experience not to be missed while traveling in Asia. At Mok Yee Kei, sample durian ice cream and puddings.
  9. Neng Meng Wang – Located on the western portion of the Macao peninsula, this is the best lunch spot known for its wide collection of preserved fruits.
  10. Sun Ying Kei – This is the home of the famous pork chop bun, a favorite of Anthony Bourdain’s during his No Reservations stint in Macao. Pork chop buns can be found in various places in Macao, but this is the original shop, located on Taipa, one of Macao’s two islands. The pork chop is marinated in Portuguese oils and spices then grilled to perfection and slid onto bread akin to that of a Cuban sandwich.
  11. Ving Kei – Tofu lovers unite! From beverage to entree to dessert, an entire meal at Ving Kei can be made of tofu. The dessert is particularly notable – chilled silky smooth sweet tofu pudding. The shop is also known for their deep-fried pork rib noodles.
  12. Yi Shun – Located on Macao peninsula’s main avenue, this humble storefront could easily be overlooked, save for the cow logo and white bowls stacked high in the windows. Yi Shun is the home of Macao’s milk pudding. A simple delight, milk pudding is made by hand with a proprietary recipe.



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