Famous Fat Mao Recipe by Chef Angus An

Dream of making delicious Thai noodles?


Dream no more – here you can recreate Fat Mao’s famous  Chiang Mai Curried Chicken Noodle Soup – yeah baby!


Chiang Mai Curried Chicken and Noodle Soup Kao Soi Gai

Chef Angus An

Fat Mao


Serves 6-8


Ingredients for paste:

10 large dried chillies, deseeded and soaked, and sliced into smaller pieces (this helps them break down more easily in the paste-making process)

16 shallots, peeled and chopped

12 garlic cloves, peeled and chopped

1/2 cup fresh turmeric
root, chopped

1 cup ginger, chopped

pinch salt

1/2 cup coriander root

3 Tablespoons coriander seeds, toasted and ground


Method for paste:

In a mortar and pestle or food processor, combine all ingredients and pulse or grind until paste forms.


Ingredients for broth:

6-8 Chicken legs

1 cup Light soy sauce

1 tablespoons dark soy sauce (optional)

1 cup palm sugar

1/2 cup fish sauce

1 L cracked coconut cream to fry (method below)

1 L cream

1 L coconut milk

4 L chicken stock


Ingredients for 1L cracked coconut cream:

2L thick coconut cream (this is the thick coconut fat from the top of the can.) Separate this cream from the coconut water, and save water for another use. Use cream to make cracked coconut cream (method below)


Method for Cracked Coconut Cream Curried Chicken Broth:

Add 2 L of thick coconut cream to a heavy stock pot. Reduce over low heat and stir constantly until the oil separates from the coconut cream, being careful that it does not get sticky. Once separated, the cracked coconut cream will appear as greyish white coconut curds and clear coconut oil. Add curry paste and fry medium heat until curry paste is fragrant (5-10 minutes until you can smell turmeric). Season with palm sugar. Add stock and cream. Gently braise chicken legs, in liquid, uncovered, until chicken is fork tender (45 min-1 hour). When meat is tender, season sauce with soy and fish sauce to taste. Should be salty and sweet flavoured.



Fried noodles – wonton noodles can be fried at 350 degree fryer until golden (10 seconds to fry)

Fresh wonton noodles (can be store bought)

Tablespoon per plate

Pickled mustard greens come in a pack from T&T – sliced

Bean sprouts – handful per person

Spring onions – tablespoon per serving

Lime wedge – 1 wedge per bowl

Coriander leaves – one bunch per 6 -8 servings

Tablespoon of roasted chilli sauce*


Roasted Chilli Sauce (optional):

1 cup of deep fried shallots

1 cup of deep fried garlic

1 cup of deep fried dried bird’s eye chillies

pinch Salt

Fried chilli oil-this is the oil that you fried the chillies with


Method for Roasted Chilli Sauce:

Blend all ingredients together in blender or food processor on high until mixed.


To serve:

Add noodles to warm bowls. Top with hot broth, chicken, garnishes, and roasted chilli sauce.




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