Need to know: Zero-calorie raindrop cake – Smorgasburg

            Image from official Raindrop Instagram


Sorry to burst you bubble (pun totally intended!) but the raindrop cake is not zero-calorie

Smorgasburg has finally kicked off for the 2016 season and it’s exciting to see what’s on offer at this year’s foodie fest

With such stiff competition, tough guidelines and nail-biting anticipation from potential vendors, this year’s most hyped up new item has to be the Raindrop cake.

A weird name made up by someone, this is not known in Japan as a raindrop cake but Mizu Shingen Mochi.


But beware – we’re blowing the whistle on this apparently Zero-calorie dessert….it is not zero-calorie!


Sure, the actual raindrop cake is free of calories, water and agar agar are not calorie dense foods….but, to enjoy this Japanese inspired ‘raindrop’ cake you must eat it with the trimmings – soybean flour and brown sugar syrup – both which have calories!!


Apparently Soybean flour has 437 Calories per 100grams

And the brown sugar syrup, which could be swapped for maple syrup has about 260 calories per 100grams


Sorry to burst your bubble (pun totally intended) but this is not a zero-calorie food to all those wanting to eat raindrop cake and ONLY raindrop cake this Summer

Super easy recipe for RAINDROP CAKE – ripping off the Smorgasburg item on The Cooking Junket

If you can’t get to Smorgasburg, raindrop cake is really easy to create at home

All you need is agar agar or gelatin, water and the trimmings – brown sugar syrup and soybean flour

Simply make up a jelly, like you would normally do with gelatin and agar agar

Let it set overnight in the fridge

Sprinkle Soybean flour and drizzle brown sugar syrup over the raindrop cake before enjoying


                                        Image from Rocketnews – Japan – where you can get the real thing



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