How to avoid being homesick in NYC (Aussie edition)

There are a lot of Aussies in New York

Everyone wants a slice of The Big Apple and us Aussies are more than willing to trade up our morning run around ‘the tan’ for a bit of Elbow bashing with runners in Central Park (why?!)

If you are feeling a little homesick in New York City, here are a few spots around New York to remind you of home.

In the morning

There’s nothing more Aussie than a good cup of coffee.

Forget the watery black coffee from Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, it’s all about Aussie lattes in NYC and you can find them everywhere now. Americans still have a funny notion of what really is a latte, including some expat Aussie roasters, trying to fit in to the NYC landscape.

To us Aussies, a latte must, must, must come in one of those little glass latte cups – found EVERYWHERE in café-capital, Melbourne. Little Collins, Midtown East is run by a Melbournian, so let’s say that it’s the closest thing to a Melbourne latte in NYC.

Vegemite Toast – Yelp – – Photo Credit – Seriously – the spread on this toast CLEARLY shows that this is NOT an Aussie’s artwork – less is more when it comes to vegemite baby!

Overpriced breakfast experience

NYC doesn’t have to be expensive, but if you’re from Melbourne, everything in New York seems super-duper cheap. When it comes to breakfast, Melbourne prices are on the rise, so to make you feel right at home, head straight to Toby’s Estate.

Sure an Aussie has opened up this much-talked about coffee spot, which feels like you’re on Chapel Street hobnobbing with the best of the ‘it’ crowd. Vibe is chill, you get one very pricey vegemite toast for around 10 bucks and some decent lattes… what more could you ask for?

The Real Deal – Photo Credit

The Brunswick of New York

Have you heard of it? Brooklyn is where all the cool kids hang out

With its chilled out vibe, locals in daggy outfits and a major hipster vibe running throughout the entire neighbouhood of Brooklyn, you really must trek across the Brooklyn bridge, brave the tourists heading out there as well and enjoy a slice of Brooklyn – or we like to call it, Brunswick

Think Johnston Street on steroids – come here to look cool, yo!

Gay time ice-cream – We love you – Streets

Supermarket favs

So you can probably find TimTams in NYC and whip up  your own Pavlova in no time, but when it comes to finding the delicious, iconic Australian ice-cream favourite, GayTime, you really must be salivating at the very thought of the crunchy ice-cream bar.

Good news is – there is pretty much an equivalent here in the States – yep! GayTime lovers, look for Good Humor ice-cream on your next supermarket run


Don’t get carried away by the beauty of New York City Aussie expats – always remember where you come from and continue to call rubbish, rubbish and not garbage!


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