Foods confusing Australians living in America

With all the very talented, very loud and very foodie-based Aussies living in the US, the Cooking Junket thought it would be a right-old-laugh to put together a few things that will confuse the heck out of us Aussies living in the beautiful US of A

Fair Dinkum, I’m confused just thinking about it – What did we get incorrectly or what are you scratching your head about?

Banana, walnut and maple self-saucing puddings

Images – Banana Pudding by Taste and


Banana Pudding

Let’s dive right into it. Banana Pudding

Aussies – Think banana bread but in a casserole basin and a little gooey with caramel on the bottom. Served with whipped cream or possibly ice-cream. This is comfort food by your granny

Americans – Banana Pudding found in the South and made famous by Magnolia Bakery in NYC. This is made with Nilla Wafers, custard and of course, bananas – who would have guessed?


Aussie – We don’t eat sweet pies. That’s just not the thing to do. Think meat, meat and more meat in our very Aussie meat pies. There might be some peas in there for the gourmets, but come on… can you beat the Four n’ Twenty?

Americans – Sweet pies are delicious here – flaky golden crust filled with fresh fruits, maybe chocolate custard and whipped cream, maybe sugar and butter – they rock and the Amish do it best!

Tell me this – is it weird or coincidental that Four & Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn is a pie shop but no meat pies? boo hoo


Aussies – We eat cinnamon donuts

Americans – They eat glazed, powdered, bacon, hybrid-cronuts….


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