Best street food in Rome – a locals guide

Street food – food porn at cheap and cheerful prices

Gotta love it

If you thought Rome was a major tourist trap with all the tourist trap-restaurants – think again

Street food is a great way to consume Rome. Save your money for the 50 museums and over 3000 years of architectural wonder sprawled across the city – entry fees don’t come cheaply when you travel

but, luckily food can be.

At the top of great street food eats is Trappizino

If you know your food and know your pizza, Stefano Callegari is the master mind behind the best pizza in Rome, Sforno and also 00100Pizza.

Get a locals guide to Rome with Chef Stefano callegari


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1. Where do you go for breakfast?
I love Roscioli caffè, Via dei Giubbonari, 21/22
2. Best place for Italian pastries?
Pasticceria De Bellis Piazza del Paradiso, 56
3. Where is your favourite coffee place in Rome?
I love Roscioli caffè, Via dei Giubbonari, 21/22
Why is Italian coffee is good ? What is the Italian coffee culture?
In italy we are really good in toasting and using coffee for prepare amazing espresso! Italian barmen are really proud about their coffee and they take care of their coffee machine to have always the best espresso.
5. What is your favourite place or restaurant that tourists don’t know about?
Is it possible to find authentic Italian food in such a big touristy city?
Today tourists are really smart and they always know the place to find the best Italian food!




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