Top 5 supermarkets for travellers in the NYC

Love to travel?

If you want to ‘blend-in’ as a traveller – The Cooking Junket recommends heading straight to a supermarket when you’re on holiday.

Sure – it doesn’t sound like a dream destination – a beach sounds like a much better alternative for all your R&R needs – but supermarkets are great places to learn more about local cultures.

If you’re a little strapped for cash – grocery stores are also great places for cheaper eats without blowing your budget.

In NYC – one of the world’s most expensive cities when it comes to dining out – there are some great supermarkets that have pretty decent food buffets.

Stock up on snacks for vegging out in front of the TV or even head straight for the salad bar – if you’re feeling… emmm… a little desperate for some greens whilst on holidays.

Here are our TOP 5 supermarkets in NYC

Wholefoods Supermarkets

Everyone knows Wholefoods – although prices may seem a little high for locals, it’s actually on par for Aussie’s or people from Switzerland where prices are ridiculously high anyway.

The one near Union Square NYC is always busy – with people choosing the salad buffet for lunch rather than another fancy-pancy NYC institution!

Loaded Baked Potato Soup Bread Bowl

Trader Joe’s

There is a lot of love for the self-branded supermarket chain Trader Joe’s. Why do tourists love it? Well, everything is sold individually, so you don’t have to buy 6 bananas AND you don’t have to buy 5lb of apples

Everything is Trader Joe’s brand but locals love it because it’s all self-branded

Many locations around the city – with the Union Square one totally packed – no matter what time or day you go. Be prepared to line-up and wait


Have you seen You’ve got Mail?

Remember that scene when Meg Ryan tries to hide from Tom Hanks in the supermarket and you hear that corny joke

‘Orange you gonna do us a favour and zip this credit card in’… not in some many words but you remember it right?

Well, the supermarket is none other than Eli’s Bazaar – all the Upper New Yorkers head here for their grocery needs… it’s so NY to shop here – so what are you waiting for?


Agata and Valentina

If you live on the Upper West or East – you will know Agata and Valentina

It’s like visiting the grocery store with your Italian grandmother and getting some really delish – perhaps expensive at times – fruit, vegetables and other ready prepared foods.

Fairway Markets

This is such a NY shopping experience – it’s where all those people who live on a simple, trash-free lifestyle go to shop because they sell lots of things in bulk and you can get away with buying French cheese, Italian pasta and other foods from around the world. Growing supermarket chain that is slowly rivaling Wholefoods – watch out!

Really caters to the ‘ethnic’ food cravings with LOTS of cuisines to choose from



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