Melbourne’s Top 5 (BEST) Fish and Chips

Everyone claims to be the best… and when it comes to Fish and Chips – Melbourne has it’s rival chipperies

From Elstenwick, Brighton and even even Wheelers Hill – The Cooking Junket has got you covered for the Best Fish and Chips in Melbourne. Guest writer Vasily Skalova goes on a fishy pilgrimage to find the best spot for some fried spud and fresh fish


With summer dawning upon us, it’s time to bring out the budgie smugglers, hop into K-mart for a plastic cricket set and call 5 of your closest mates for a day on Melbourne’s iconic beaches. But what is more nostalgic than sitting with your best friends and digging into the golden fried batter of well cooked fish and chips whilst watching the sunset?

Here is 5 of our top fish and chips shops:


King Fisher Blue


KingFisher Blue

Surprisingly not located close to a beach, KingFisher Blue is a well managed and well maintained fish and chips located in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Slightly on the pricey side, KingFisher blue does deliver in terms of quality and proportion.  And although, it is not situated in the most convenient of locations, this local favourite of the residents certainly will live up to expectations. The fish is never battling for attention with the batter and the chips are always crispy golden.

If you’re ever heading through this region to make your way to the Dandenong Mountains or a day at Jells Park, Kingfisher Blue is your go to shop when you’re craving Fish and Chips.

Shop 39/190 Jells Road

Wheelers Hill, VIC



Australian Seafood and Chippery

When I journeyed to Coburg to try this shop on a Friday night. I didn’t expect it to be amongst the industrial estates, and I certainly didn’t expected the huge crowd that flocked the door. Being in such an inconspicuous location, yet drawing such a mammoth crowd, you could imagine how high my expectations were. Fortunately, it did not disappoint, the fish was beautifully battered; crunchy, fleshy and with an abundance of fillets from salmon to blue grenadier, there is sure to be something here to satisfy your tastebuds. If only they were located closer to the coast, this establishment would tick all the boxes, if there is ever a summer night that sees you and your mates out of ideas, Australian Seafood and Chippery will not be a evening wasted.

11 Hossack St

Coburg North, VIC




Fish Tank

If you miss this shop whilst you’re in Brighton, you probably don’t deserve to enjoy the meal. With a window display that looks as though you’re Poseidon himself organised, Fish Tank has the shop front of fine dining seafood restaurant but the priced as all fish and chip shops should be priced. However if the classic fish and chips just doesn’t tickle your tentacles, Fish Tank have an array of marinated crustaceans or even Lobster on the go if you you’re feeling a little fancy.

20 Church st.

Brighton, VIC



Cerberus Beach House

Named after the crescent shaped bay, Half Moon Bay carries many nostalgic memories for Victorians. With it comes the legend of Cerberus Beach house, the downstairs kiosk has the quintessential meal for those looking to fill that hole in their stomach but the establishment itself also entails a complete restaurant for those that feel the need to be more proper. The batter on their fish is light and golden, almost tempura like which really allows their fillets to be the centrepiece of the dish. This is the place to visit if you’re ever, as my friends would say, kicking back at Half Moon Bay.

Boat Shed 212, Half Moon Bay

Black Rock, VIC




Tommy Ruff

There is more to fish and chips than just food, it’s the entire experience of watching the sunset after a hard day of pier diving and beach cricket. A personal favourite of mine, Tommy ruff is situated a short walk from Mordialloc Beach and serves top quality and consistent food that will leave even the most critical sunburnt Australian satisfied. With a standard Aussie Angler setting you back only $9.90, it’s no surprise that locals and tourists speak so highly of this establishment. Don’t be surprised if there is a solid wait before you’re served and even longer wait if you’re after seating, but if I were you, I’d take the meal closer to the water and enjoy the last hour of daylight.

574A Main St.

Mordialloc, VIC


That is our top 5 fish and chip shops around Melbourne, let us know which is your favourite!


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