A spin on the classic tartare — Korean Tartare

Dare we use the F word here at The Cooking Junket?

No… fusion isn’t that bad – as long as the recipe highlights the best techniques for a truely delicious recipe


here is an example of Swedish-Korean fusion – done well… well, not well-done because it is a tartare – so completely raw, but completely delicious

What do you think? Does Korean and Swedish work well together?

Perhaps it’s a little French-Korean-Swedish with the word tartare? Either way, The Cooking Junket loves it!

Another delicious recipe from Swedish Deli favourite, Lisa Elmqvist

Roast Chopping


Per person:

100 gr Korean tartar

20 gr seaweed salad

3 x sun-dried tomatoes

2 tablespoons Korean dressing

How to use:

1. Add up the raw steak – uber fresh, check with your butcher and get it hand-cut to avoid any issues

2. Garnish with seaweed salad, sun-dried tomatoes and Korean dressing.




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