The perfect Christmas gift for ‘The Cook’ in the family

The Cooking Junket loves new kitchen gadgets and with Christmas just around the corner, we’re sharing some festive cheer with one of new discoveries in the kitchen, Lékué.

If you’re spending Christmas away from home this year, you really need to think smart gifts

If you’ve got a budding cook in the family, you don’t have look any further, The Cooking Junket highly recommends Lékué.

Known for it’s innovation and simplicity in the kitchen, Lékué really is worth stuffing in your stocking this year.

Not only is it light, but it folds up pretty nicely, so if you need to pack lightly, just stuff it in your suitcase!

It sure beats packing another boring bottle of wine or mug with a tacky picture on it!

Although there are great products specifically for oats, rice, popcorn and even cheese making… the Lékué we played with, the rice cooker doubles/triples up for many multi-purpose uses in the kitchen.

So far we’ve made caramel popcorn with the Lékué rice cooker, quinoa salad with roasted sweet potato and even homemade ricotta cheese… but our favourite has been brown rice in the office.

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Lekue Oatmeal Kit

Image: Lekue Recipes


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