Oaxen Pop-Up in London: Restaurant News

Guess what London-dwellers, if you’re sick of bangers and mash – there’s a pop-up you’re gonna love. All the way from Sweden, The Oaxen Krog and Slip team will be wetting your appetites with a surprise two-week pop-up in old London town

Oaxen chefs to make guest appearance at Carousel, London

The Oaxen Krog & Slip chefs Johan Tengsved, Mikael Wretman and Emil Grönlund are preparing for a two-week guest chef residency at London restaurant Carousel,2nd-13th February. Fifty guests per evening will have the opportunity to try Oaxen’s Swedish style bistro fare.


Talented Chefs


Carousel is run by four cousins from a food-obsessed family: Ollie, Will, Ed and Anna Templeton. Right in the heart of London’s Marylebone neighbourhood, they get to work together with chefs from their favourite restaurants from all over the world – without ever leaving their hometown. Each month new guest chefs visit.

“We open up our kitchen to chefs from all over who share our idea of what eating out should be all about: fantastic cooking, friendly service and a relaxed environment. That’s why we were so keen to invite over the chefs from Oaxen Slip,” said Carousel head chef, Ollie Templeton.

slip-knuckle of veal1
Oaxen in London



Oaxen’s philosophy is rather similar to Carousel’s own, while at the same time emphasising Nordic, locally sourced and seasonal elements. It will be Swedish bistro fare – tasty and uncomplicated dishes that are meant to be shared by everyone around the table.

“We are proud and excited to bring our way of cooking and dining to London,” said Johan Tengsved from Oaxen Krog & Slip. “Just like Carousel, we recognise that the atmosphere is equally important to guests as satisfying their taste buds. For instance, our knuckle of veal is a wonderful centerpiece to gather around, creating a casual experience with entertaining conversation.”

Dinner tickets are priced at £35 and are available from Tuesday 1st December, with bookings and payment taken in advance. Advance bookings mean less food waste, which is good news for the environment.


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