The Waffle House and Anthony Boudain’s mouth

Image: Anthony Boudain

Are you still a fan of Anthony Boudain?

The man that  put REAL food on the map with his anecdotes of love, discovering food at some of the most unique and often very common places is spreading himself thin – much like Mr. Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver

With the soon-to-be-opened Food Hall in NYC, Chef Boudain can be a little ‘much’ for those that want less commentary and more food porn.

A recent episode The Cooking Junket stumbled upon while browsing YouTube was the CNN Anthony Boudain episode with Sean Brock at The Waffle House has encouraged us to rant and rave about Anthony Boudain… just like he does with every other foodie destination he visits – hey… if you can dish it out, right?

So the two chefs mull over The Waffle House menu and it does make you wonder – why do people love diners so much – what is this diner culture that screams bad food – better left for late night munchies when your taste buds are no longer responding and the only ‘thing’ that can wake you up is ketchup squirted generously over hash / sunny-side eggs…. whatever you can put in your mouth

It makes you wonder – do people actually like watching Anthony Boudain or are they merely scared of ‘attacking’ him because quite frankly, he does speak the truth and apparently is a REAL foodie – unaccustomed to being a prick to those that feed him.

It’s his linger and overly exhaustive description (New Jersey ep, petri-dish of cultures – seriously, who comes up with this stuff? Gotta love / hate it) that captures or deters audiences – either way – is Anthony Boudain the definitive guide of Food as we know it?

Better him than a blogger we say


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