ROMA Nespresso Pods: How to drink and enjoy

The Roma Nespresso Pod is a favourite for many because it is strong, but not intense

Does that make sense?

CREDIT Nespresso

It is perfect for a Melbourne latte – and can tolerate a hotter temperature without spoiling the taste

It may be a little too subtle for those that like stronger, intense flavours, but it’s a good start if you are a coffee novice

What is a Latte?

For some of the best latte’s in the world – cafe-latteyou really must go to Melbourne, Australia

Latte’s should always, always be served in a small tumbler – classic cafe culture glass… not a mug

It is creamy and has a decent amount of lip – but not frothy foam – it is NOT a cappuccino baby

Delicious with a classic Italian cantucci


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