Nespresso Pods: Understanding the code

Remember as a kid, when your friends said,

“Can you smell that?” and you would say… “Yeah …!!” Even though you couldn’t smell a thing?


As an adult, we possibly have all been victim not ‘fudging’ things…

Pretending to understand and know how to sip expensive wine

Pretending to love sweetbreads, even though you can’t stand the mushy taste

What about pretending to LOVE Nespresso pods, even though you don’t know a thing about the different pods, flavours, aromas and everything else that Nespresso fills in a tiny little canister


Here at The Cooking Junket, we’re all about educating those that want to know

So here it is, we’re starting a series of Nespresso: Breaking the code to the colours, flavours and aromas of some key pods – so the next time you visit a luxury hotel, like Saint Antoine in Quebec City, where they have a Nespresso machine in each room (yes! each room) you will know what to expect!



Image: Credit Nespresso


Flavour is very subtle

Nespresso suggests serving as espresso, but it is good as a flat white

Flavour lingers, yet is not too intense

Image: Sheknows credit

What is a Flat White?

Flat white sound definitely be served in a slightly flat tea mug

It is more water-y than a latte, which is creamy, and sound not have a big lip of foam – if not … should not have any foam at all. Basically a long black coffee but white


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