Healthy Tacos better than Chipotle: with Poppies and Papayas

What’s all the fuss with Chipotle?

With the recent E-coli scare…. the world’s favourite burrito is no longer a go-to lunch item

So, here at The Cooking Junket, we’re taking things into our hands and getting a healthy, nutritious and totally E-coli free Mexican-American take on our favourite Chipotle item: the Taco!

Food blog Poppies and Papayas is our favourite nutritionist, so we’re heading straight to Selva for her fav recipe

tacobowl (15 of 15)
Image Poppies and Papayas

Selva suggests the following delicious combinations! What’s your favourite?

Some Tasty Taco Bowl Ideas:

Baked salmon left overs + Lentil salad + broccoli sprouts + avocado

Chicken sausage (chopped) + left over roasted sweet potatoes + sautéed kale + feta

Sautéed tempeh or tofu + turmeric chickpeas + sautéed bell peppers + chipotle aioli (½ sriracha & ½ veganaise)

Scrambled garlic eggs + paprika spiced black beans + diced tomato + pickled jalapeños

Shredded chicken + great northern beans + garlic sautéed spinach + roasted bell pepper hummus


tacobowl (2 of 15)



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