Is Aussie Chef, Pete Evans annoying in the US?

(Featured image from SanAntonio episode, credit FINE LIVING)

Aussies love to travel

We are everywhere

Jump on a flight to Europe and you will find one, two or possibly thousands of Aussie’s traveling around

Aspiring chefs are always looking for a bit of celeb stardom and Aussie chefs are no different

Pete Evans, was kinda annoying when he was in Australia. He copped a lot from Aussie newspapers and magazines regarding his ill-natured attempts at the paleo diet for kids and adults alike. Poor guy was even suggested to be the result of a witch hunt by the DailyMail. C’mon… Aussies were just wanting a bit of juicy gossip – no harm… right?

Women’s Weekly was a great gig for him. A cooking TV show, similar to the America’s Test Kitchen on PBS, the chef was there to make recipes from the famed Women’s Weekly magazine / brand.

Why not? He is a trained chef

Despite copping a lot of flack from Australians, in Australia, Peter Evans has since moved his onslaught to the US

If you don’t know, Pete is the host of PBS TV show, Moveable Feast. Basically, Peter goes around the US, chatting (well, trying to chat to Americans who don’t understand his bogan accent) to chefs, food producers and basically, the lesser known ‘movers and shakers’ of the US culinary food world.

For all the Aussies now living in the US, whom happen to stumble on the daytime Emmy nominated show, do you find it annoying?

The constant ‘happy-go-lucky’ attitude of Evans is really quite annoying – are all traveling Aussies like that?

Evans does a lot of leaning in, hovering over his guests, not to mention his ‘absolutely’ (yes, Evans uses this word a little too often in his show) bizarre lack of knowledge of American produce. Evans is constantly ‘ohhhing and arrhhing’ at simple, everyday American staples. Tomatillo, lobster and yes BBQ in the South are quite common and not SENSATION, as the celeb chef  refers to basically every little dish presented to him.

And what about his clothes? Seriously – donning a US flag is so not Aussie cool, Aussie, Aussie, Aussie !!!

So to all the Aussies now living in the US, is Evans a reminder of home or just another annoying Aussie making a bad name for us?

Oh and did we mention, Evans’ super white teeth and smile? Now we’re just being picky, or are we?


Weird or cool? Or just downright Evans’ bizarre?


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