The best bakeries in Quebec City, Canada

Chocolate Croissant



Butter, Sugar… oui, oui, oui!


If you love French bakeries, you really must head to Quebec City

Whether you are a francophone or francophile, or just love all things French, Quebec City is the ultimate travel destination for Americans.

Just a hop, skip and a jump away – an amazing 1.5 hour flight from NYC, makes it a quick and easy day trip without all the fuss of an long haul flight!

Quebec City is caters to travelers with cultural curiosities, outdoor lovers and of course food fanatics

Since boulangeries play such a big role in French culture, The Cooking Junket has put together a few of our favourite bakeries – from local favourites, up-coming and also boulangeries that are easily accessible for tourists


Snap shot of Quebec City


Breakfast – Panache Restaurant

For the ultimate French toast (trust us!)

Lunch – Le Monastère des Augustines

Health lunch and to support a great cause

Dinner – so many in food city Quebec – so here are local and tourist favourites

Touristy but good Laurie Raphael

Great view in a hotel restaurant CIEL

Upscale Food and really great produce Panache Restaurant



Feel like you’re in France and request the French cottage suite!


Tour Old town, visit museums and eat at a boulangerie



Best Boulangeries for tourists with little time

Image Paillard

Cafe-Boulangerie Paillard

In the old city, a great bakery to rest your tired feet after walking and exploring the lovely city walls of Quebec


Le Boite Pain

Located on Saint Joseph E, this is a local favourite where tourists can feel the essence of a a French speaking nation.


Au Pain Grüel

If you walk over to Saint-Jean Baptiste neighbourhood in search of the Chocolate factory, crepes and an old-school European General store, you must pop into Au Pain Gruel. It’s not fancy, but the bread is loved by locals – hipster feel and great nearby coffee too!

Image: Le Croquembouche

Le Croquembouche

Le Croquembouche is the bakery that many locals will tell you to visit if you want something less commercial (Paillard) and LOVE eclairs. A huge array of fine chocolates, truffles and other delicious pastries





The best bakeries if you have a car

If you are lucky enough to drive and explore Quebec by car, be sure to visit one of the following bakeries

Cafe Boulangerie


Cafe Le Fournil Du Trait Carre










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