The REAL Top Reasons to visit New York, the BIG APPLE

TOP reasons to visit the Big Apple: New York City Travel Guide

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The Cooking Junket has a serious soft spot for New York

We love being New Yorkers and love sharing our favourite places to eat sleep and of course do!

In response to a recent Traveller article for Australian newspaper The Age, The Cooking Junket didn’t agree with the top 20 list, so have put together a REAL Top things to do in NY.

We’re keeping it brief, a true New Yorker would NOT be told where to eat, sleep and do – it’s all about finding your own little slice of NYC… among 83 million other tourists of course!

Here we go: TOP reasons to visit the Big Apple: New York City Travel Guide


1. Sure, you can wrestle lots of tourists and visit 30 ROCK or even the Empire State Building, and of course One World Trade Centre is a good option to see and support something that really resonates with the city.

But if you don’t want to travel all the way down to the Financial District then why not just stay close to Central Park, move your way up the Mandarin Hotel or Trump Tower for some drinks and view the city from the toilet… CHEAT!

  1. WALK: Oh please – don’t walk the High Line – that’s so 2007

You might as well walk the Brooklyn Bridge with the other thousand or so tourists.

If you want to do some walking, try some private gardens around the city, such as the Atrium at Ford Garden right near Times Square.

  1. SEE: Ok, the Whitney might be a nice spot for older people or those wanting a bit of modern, renovated NYC with the recent new building designed by Renzo Piano. But there is definitely an old classic Museum that is super more fun and more exciting – and hey… donation entry only! Free NYC – it does exist! Head straight to the Natural History Museum and drop by Shake Shack on the Upper West for a fun KIDS day out in NYC


  1. SHOP: Zabar’s … come on The Age… you’re showing your age

Why not try the Gotham West Food Market for something really New York-y



  1. CYCLE: Don’t do the Brooklyn Bridge

You really won’t get far with all the tourists keeping to their left, no wait to their right, no wait… just walking in the middle of the bridge and taking pictures every 3 seconds…. Cycle the Perimetre along the Hudson and get more milage or simple join the New York revolution and find a SoulCycle spot


  1. Brunch at Balthazar and get slight ripped off and slightly pissed off at the LONG waiting times for eggs on toast. If you’re from Melbourne, just forget getting good scrambled eggs on toast with a nice latte… you’re better off grabbing a bagel coffee from Starbucks and calling it a total New York experience!



If you want to support some Aussie cafes in NY, try

Toby’s Estate

Brunswick Café…


  1. Phew… we’re getting tired at correcting a very misguided and outdated New York travel guide written by Fairfax Media’s New York expert… the rest of the list is totally up to you

Find, explore and discover New York and tell us where you LOVE and why you visit the BIG APPLE time and time again.

The Cooking Junket Team


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