Super-Tuscan with Chef Francesco Casu

The Queen of England, being Super-Tuscan and beating allergies with King Crab: Chef Francseco of Golden View Firenze brings a little Milan to the East Coast of the United States. Bellissimo!


The beautiful city of Milan is busy with the Milan Expo running right now. Fresh from Milan and straight to the affluent shores of Greenwich, CT is Chef Francesco Casu.

To celebrate this year’s Greenwich Wine + Food Festival (kick starting September 23rd and running for 4 delicious days) The Cooking Junket has got in touch with one of the most innovative chefs of Connecticut:Chef Francesco Casu of Golden View Firenze





1. How would you describe your food?

I am from Milan and my parents are from Sardinia, so, first of all, Italian.  I try to take the essential flavors from simple and fresh ingredients. Simple recipes treated with knowledge, professionalism and passion.  That’s the key.


2. What’s the best advice you were given in the kitchen?

You have to work with your soul and use fresh ingredients or you’re wasting your time.



3. How would you describe the CT dining scene?

It’s hard for me to say.  I haven’t been here very long and I am always working.  I don’t get out much.  I have been out to NYC several times to see what is there and that is a great experience.  Here in Connecticut, I am looking forward to a few places that my coworkers have told me about.  I’ll get back to you on this.



4. What’s your favourite season?

Spring. Because it is the season of rejuvenation.  Rebirth.  Nature wakes up from the long winter.  We put our seeds

into the earth.  Flowers bloom.  It is the greatest gift nature has to offer us.



5. What wine pairing or beer would you recommend with your recipe?

I think a Super-Tuscan.  We are serving our Lamb Pasticciata. Lamb has a rich, powerful flavor so you need the acidity and tannic quality of a Tuscan Sangiovese to cut through the fat and complement the flavor of the meat, the cheese and the pasta.  Solaia is my favorite; but there are so many great ones.



6. Who would your top 3 dinner guests be to cook for?

Well I’ve already cooked for the Queen of England so…(laughs)

President Obama, Police Chief Jim Heavey or First Selectman Peter Tesei because they work hard everyday to keep us safe and to make our lives better.  It’s good to give something back and take care of the people who take care of us.



7. Last meal on earth?

I ate so much shellfish when I was younger.  I LOVED it!  But I became very allergic as a teenager.

So,  if I have to go, I want King Crab!


Along with Chef Renato, Chef Francesco Casu of Golden View Firenze and  thirteen other local chefs will be honored (and cooking at!) the Most Innovative Chefs Gala, which is the Friday night event of the festival (September 25), and will feature a silent auction to benefit Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camp and The Greenwich Dept. of Parks and Recreation, as well as a performance by the legendary reggae band, The Wailers.

The Festival Most Innovative Chefs Gala is just one event in a blockbuster weekend lineup; the first Champagne Dinner Under the Stars event will take place on Thursday evening to kick off the festivities, and on Saturday, the Culinary Village, the center of the entire GREENWICH WINE+FOOD FESTIVAL, will offer tastings and demonstrations, celebrity chef book signings, the fourth annual Burger Battle, the second annual Top Bartender’s Showdown, Barbecue & Bluegrass, and a live musical performance by Grammy and CMA award-winning country superstars Little Big Town.

For tickets, head to


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