South Society – Best cafe in Melbourne’s East?

Hungry in the suburbs doesn’t necessarily mean you have to eat at a local Maccas anymore.

With Melbourne’s cafe culture really taking over the entire country, as well as overseas, like New York with openings of Toby’s Estate by fellow Aussie, there really is no excuse to not eat well… even if you are a suburban-nite.

The Cooking Junket asked resident breakfast and brunch lover to give us a rundown on her latest find: in MONASH


Best breakfast in Melbourne’s East – Monash and Chadstone shoppers – Where do you go?

If you want breakfast in Melbourne, you really can’t stay in the burbs

Unfortunately, anything below Camberwell…. or even Hawthorn for that matter is a major miss – and not worth getting out of bed for… well, that was then

Welcome to 2015 – Melbourne cafes are everywhere now, serving up some great coffee, cool vibes and most importantly great food for those that don’t want to drive 1 hour to get humble eggs on toast


Located on the corner of a strip mall, known as Pinewood Shopping Centre Mt Waverley, avoid getting run over by old grannies finding a park to their local Coles or pharmacy, follow your nose or the hipster trail and find South Society.

Oddly enough, the cafe is not just a cafe, lunch and dinner is also served to hungry locals

The breakfast comes out consistency fresh, enticing brekkie lovers to have a bit of Melbourne CBD cafe-breakfast in the heart of Mount Waverley…. why not? We’re humans too right?

There are some gorgeous cakes on offer, but unfortunately, heading their 4 times already, the nutella bomboloni seems to be their showstopper… and I really need something else to sink my sweet tooth into.

FYI: Avoid the croissants, they reheat them in the microwave with nasty results…


The staff are friendly and want to please you with great results – even if they are super busy – bless Melbournians

Two pieces of toast – yes, baby – that’s the way it should be!


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