Fresh is best at Fleisher’s Craft Butchery, CT

This is an old-school butcher-customer interaction – where food and produce speak volumes

A recent Cooking Junket reader left The Big Apple for the weekend and found herself in the heart of CT, chowing down on a new menu and merger in Saugatuck, CT.

This is what she thought:





This Westport butchery is top-notch when it comes to anything meat and the recently expanded take-out section, is now a fully-fledged gastropub-style deal, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. With a small seating area, both inside (includes bar seating) and out, you are sure to find something delicious on the menu. Items include their spin on chicken and waffles, a tasty breakfast sandwich, inventive signature burgers and salads, for all those health-conscious “Westport soccer moms”. While it is not inexpensive, you can invariably expect quality ingredients from their shop, next door; Would be nice if the burgers came with the shoestring fries (rather than as a separate side order). Parking is limited, but traffic comes and goes. Bon appetit!



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