Review of Grand Trailer Park Taverna, Melbourne


American ribs, crab shacks and New York style pizza have taken over Culinary City, Melbourne…but are they as good as those found in the great US of A? Vasily Skalova reviews a burger joint,  in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.


Tucked upstairs on the corner of Bourke and Exhibition street is Grand Trailer Park Taverna ; An American themed burger joint that has developed a substantial reputation within the Melbourne burger scene.

Friday night with the boys and B&B ( Burgers and Beers) were on the agenda, upon arrival it was a 25 minute wait before we could get a table but given the reputation of the restaurant, this was a small compromise.

The decor, was refreshing. Whilst carrying an exciting”Americana” inspired interior,  the neon signs, 60’s styled leather booths, checkered floor and picnic benches certainly gave the restaurant a bustling and busy atmosphere. Yet sitting around the table also had a sense of intimacy. No shouting was needed to enjoy the conversation on this night.

Ordering was done at the counter and to my surprise, my meal was on the table before I returned to my seat. I know McDonald’s is considered fast food but this took the definition literally.  The boys were just as stunned as I was and taking our first bites into the burger, it was obvious what had happened.


IMG_1391 (1)
Image: Vasily S

Don’t get me wrong, the burgers were large, cheese melted over the meat, the bun wasn’t too greasy and they were very generous with the tomato and salad. This is something I adore, quality buns and plenty of tomato and salad, there is more to a burger than just the meat. But on this particular occasion, it was the patties that didn’t meet standards. It was warm, not hot, luke warm. And a couple of bites in, the center of the pattie was on the verge of going cold. It was obvious that the burger were pre-made, they probably weren’t sitting on the side for long, but long enough for the patties to lose its all inspiring heat. This wasn’t a deal breaker, but when I’m paying in excess of $20 for a burger meal, I would hope it would be made fresh, of the grill.

Chips on the other hand were alright, not extraordinarily special but satisfying.  They hit the spot after the meal.

Unfortunately on this particular night, Grand Trailer Park Taverna didn’t achieve the “American Dream”. I wouldn’t say I won’t go back, I’m just not in a rush to do so. Let’s hope that this was just an off night and perhaps on our next encounter will take me to the land of opportunity.

Where do you get your burger fix in Melbourne?





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