Burgers in Glen Waverley, Melbourne, AUS


Vasily ‘The Graduate’ Skalova takes a look at a local burger joint in the Easter Suburbs, Glen Waverley.

Are all burgers created equal? Let’s find out …


CREDIT: Vasily Skalova

It seems that over the past 5 years everything that was once considered geeky and tacky has now become ‘cool’ and ‘retro’. Superhero movies, modern gadgets and burger restaurants are arguably the staples of urban culture. As the sequel of ‘The Avengers’ and Apple’s new iWatch attempt to succeed their predecessors, burgers joints have been sprouting across the Melbourne food scene just as quickly as Marvel releases its movies.

Fortunately, YOMG, a frozen yoghurt and burger restaurant located in Glen Waverley’s Kingsway doesn’t join a rat race to ride the hype. Sitting along the main entertainment hub of this South Eastern suburb, it faces stiff competition against a plethora cuisines and restaurants along the strip.

But if you’re struggling to find YOMG, you can’t miss the 1950’s inspired purple neon sign.

The restaurant itself isn’t the most spacious  but it does carry with it a relaxed retro charm. I was fortunate enough to get a seat on Friday night with a good friend. Going for the ‘Howler’ which is YOMG’s ‘burger with bite’ and a regular chips, I took a slightly more conservative route, setting me back $14 whilst my friend indulged. A ‘Kingsway’ and ‘Fetta Fettish’. $20.

My buzzer went off in my hand.

The burger was served sitting up as oppose to flat on a plate.

Confusing at first but it highlighted how the cheese was gently melted over the patty and the salad was of a decent quantity. It was also comforting to know that I would be able to eat this burger with my hands.

No mess on my shirt or dislocating my jaw with this meal. The buns were lightly toasted and glistening.

The patties itself were thoroughly cooked through and juicy.It wasn’t overly salty which tells me there isn’t a lot of a preservative going into the mince. Jalapenos, they looked mean but had just enough bit to keep it exciting.

Chips were served in a brown cardboard cup, they were crispy but not dry or under-salted.

After my meal I was pleasantly surprised. Usually I would either be disappointed or bloated after these specialty burger restaurants. And if it did do everything right, I would pay a decent price tag for it. Mind you, I’m not the type that goes for the gold plated burger.

YOMG was different, the burger wasn’t overly greasy or drenched in salt, and I didn’t struggle to finish the chips.

For under $15 the meal as a whole hit the spot. Upon leaving I treated myself to a salted peanut butter and caramel milkshake.

Yes. Just Yes.

Just as Apple’s success is built upon simplifying and refining it’s products. YOMG refines the burger experience, it doesn’t attempt to blow you away quantity, instead it does the simple things well. Really well.

If you’re looking for the Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck of Melbourne burger scene or Sofia’s portions, YOMG isn’t for you. But you’re looking for a quality burger in a hospitable restaurant, then YOMG might just be your go to burger joint.

Is it cool? Yeah, it’s pretty cool.



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