Guilt-free Chocolate beetroot and goat cheese cupcakes


If you love cheese and you love chocolate, well this recipe is definitely for you

And… with beetroot as a key ingredient – it makes every little bite – guilt-free!

Image: Good Food and Wine Festival – Melbourne

Chocolate Beetroot Cupcakes with

Goats cheese icing

This year for the Good Food and Wine Show we were asked to create some whacky recipes pairing together ingredients that usually wouldn’t be seen together in one dish. Our Polish heritage almost insists that we love beetroot, and seeming as its winter we thought we should defiantly make beetroot our hero dessert ingredient and work from there.


Its common knowledge that beetroot and goats cheese are a match made in heaven and usually enjoyed as entree or in a salad. We know the trend of adding vegies to cakes and desserts, like the classic carrot cake, sweet potato loaf, pumpkin pies, and Beetroot and chocolate cake, which is the combo we’re interested in exploring.


So we thought if beetroot is our hero why don’t we try and take two of its best friends, goats cheese and chocolate and create a whacky food pairing party. From there our Chocolate Beetroot Cupcakes with Goats cheese icing was born!


Makes 12 cupcakes or 25 mini cupcakes





Chocolate beetroot cupcakes

500g/2 medium beets, roasted, peeled and puréed

120g unsalted butter melted

200g sugar

55g brown sugar

2 eggs

60ml milk

100g flour

65g cacao powder

1 tsp baking powder

pinch of salt


Goat cheese icing

140 grams goats cheese at room temp

85g cream cheese at room temp

65g icing sugar

60ml maple syrup



1 punnet beetroot cress



  1. Preheat oven to 180° In a large bowl mix together the beet puree, butter, sugars, eggs and milk. In a medium bowl mix together the flour, cacao powder and salt. Add the dry ingredient to the wet ingredients and combine until you have a smooth batter. Fill muffin cups two thirds full and bake for 25 minutes, or until a tooth pick comes out clean. Remove from oven and allow to cool
  2. Beat the cheeses together until smooth. Add in the powdered sugar and mix until smooth. Finally add the syrup and mix until blended evenly. Served cooled cupcakes with goat’s cheese icing and garnish with some beetroot cress.




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