Fine-Dining goes ‘Trash’ for a good cause



Crispy Roasted Pork Belly with Rescued Pickled Baby Cues - harvested
Rescued Crispy Roasted Port Belly with Pickled Baby Cues

If you don’t like the look of white table clothes, a waiter who hovers over your table – regurgitating an entire thesaurus to explain your Michelin-starred dinner or simply paying big prices for a minuscule amount of food – visit pop-up cafe OZHarvest.


From the founders of the organisation, of the same name – servicing over 680 welfare organizations around Australia, the project is set to feed all Australia’s to help fund and build a worthy clause.

Roast cauliflower, cherry tom and almond salad (2)
Roast cauliflower, cherry tom and almond salad


At The Cooking Junket – we are community driven and love sustainable chefs, so we took time to with Head Chef of OzHarvest, Travis Harvey to see what we can do at home and limit waste in our kitchen.


A bit about OzHarvest

The organisation collects approximately 340,000 kilograms of surplus food each month from all types of food businesses including supermarkets, cafés, restaurants, catering companies, events and even farms. It has delivered more than 33 million meals, saved more than 11,000 tonnes of food from landfill across its 10 years of operations, providing much needed food relief to Australians in need.
OzHarvest services more than 680 welfare organisations in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth and in regional areas via its REAP food rescue program, including homeless shelters, women’s and men’s refuges, youth shelters and organisations that service families in vulnerable communities.
The project came about thanks to City West Housing, an affiliated partner organisation who donated the empty restaurant space to OzHarvest, under a three month lease.

“The idea behind harvested is simple. It takes a challenge that OzHarvest and our food recipients have to face every day… what to do with surplus food that society has rejected because of its appearance, discolouration or slight imperfections? We wanted the public to experience this too, and see how good it can be.”
“We want people to discover by dining at harvested, that there’s nothing wrong with this produce and that high quality, nutritious and wholesome meals can be made from ingredients that would normally be discarded simply by the application of a little imagination and effort.”
In the lead up to its national campaign partnered with the United Nations Environment Programme, Think.Eat.Save, on Monday, 27 July, OzHarvest is encouraging curious members of the public to come and taste rescued meals, harvested from landfill-destined produce for a small donation of $15.


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