Perfect Lobster and seafood 101 with Chef Henrik Norström

Fresh is definitely best and at Lux dag för dag, in Stockholm Chef Henrik Norström shares his tips on how to shop for seafood and how to keep it fresh.
As warmer months slowly creep back into our lives ( thankfully!) we think ice-cream, sun and of course – LOBSTER !

What do you look for when shopping for seafood?
Buy fresh fish from ice counters. Whole or let the store fillet it.

How can you tell that seafood is fresh?
I look for clear eyes, nice red colour on the gills and fresh smell.
Best way to clean fish?
Maybe you need to exfoliate your fish but otherwise cook it whole or fillet it.

How long can I keep fish in the fridge for?
Depends how fresh it is when you buy it and what type of fish it is. If it’s just caught and you keep it really cold you should be able to keep it for a week.

Can I freeze fish?
Yes you can but it will never be the same as fresh fish.
Defrost it very slowly and cook it slowly as well.
Tips on cleaning fish?
Depends on the seafood. When boiling a lobster or langoustine for example let the water be as salt as the ocean the fish is from. Be careful with the boiling time, grilling time or frying time. Don’t let it cook too long.

Recipe on preparing lobster
One table spoon salt per liter boiling water. Salt as the ocean. Use minimum 6-7 liters of water for 2 lobsters. Rinse the lobster and remove the rubber band from the lobster claws. Put the lobster in the boiling water (season it will dill if you like). For a lobster of 0,5 kilo boil for 4 minutes. Take the lobster out from the water. Let the water boil again and pour it over the lobster. Cool off the lobster in that water.

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