Exclusive Recipe from vRÅ Head Chef Frida Ronge, Gothenburg

Image: Oysters from vRÅ, Gothenburg
vRÅ  Oysters from West Sweden
Fresh oysters, such as Belon Oyster, finde de clair oyster, pousse en clair
To serve: Seaweed – wakame is best for this recipe
“Ponzu” dressing
1 dl soy sauce
5 tablespoons of lemon juice
1 garlic
1 piece of red chili
10 grams of ginger
Pickled shallots
3 shallots
1 dl rice vinegar
0.6 dl sugar
1 tablespoon salt
3 cm Kombu
Chop all the ingredients for the ponzu together. Add soy and lemon juice. Keep in the fridge for one day. On the day of serving, freshly chop the shallots.
Heat up rice vinegar, sugar and salt, kombu. Stir it and make sure that the sugar dissolves but doesn’t burn. Cool it down and add the shallots.

Add some drops of ponzu soy sauce and pickled shallots to the oyster and garnish with wakame seaweed.

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