Swiss Oatmeal with Crunchy Almonds and Strawberries

This Swiss oatmeal is also known as Bircher muesli. Fresh ingredients and a good mix of oats and grains give this muesli a creamy texture. Use crushed oats as it gives a smoother consistency over rolled oats. This is perfect with stewed fruits like strawberries and dates.


Recipe from My Little SoHo Kitchen by Michelle TCHEA (Marshall Cavendish Publishers)

Serves 4

Image: My Little SoHo Kitchen by Michelle TCHEA

Swiss Oatmeal
Oats 180 g (61/3 oz)
Almonds 55 g (2 oz), toasted and chopped
Bran 1 Tbsp
Dates 55 g (2 oz), pitted and chopped
Sultanas 75 g (22/3 oz)
Apple 1, cored and grated, unpeeled
Yoghurt 3 Tbsp + more if desired
Milk as needed
Strawberry Compote
Strawberries 150 g (51/3 oz)
Raw sugar 1 heaped Tbsp
Water 125 ml (4 fl oz / 1/2 cup)
Mint leaves a few leaves, roughly shredded
Caramel Shards
Castor Sugar 225 g (8 oz)
Water 2 Tbsp
1.     Prepare Swiss Oatmeal the night before. Mix oats, almonds and bran in a glass jar. Add remaining ingredients. The milk should be about 1 cm (1/2 in) above the oats, which will absorb the liquid later on. Give a good stir to mix well. Refrigerate overnight.
2.     Prior to serving, prepare strawberry compote. Boil strawberries, sugar and water. Reduce to a simmer until syrup becomes slightly thicker. Stir in mint leaves and leave to cool before refrigerating for about 15 minutes.
3.     Spoon strawberry compote into serving glasses. Pour Swiss oatmeal over. Top with more yoghurt if desired.
4.   Garnish with Caramel shards for extra wow-factor


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