Gastrologik, Stockholm: Interview with Chef Jacob Holmström

“Ursäkta mig! Do you know where Gastrologik is ?”

“No, sorry,” said the Swedish local.

For an exclusive recipe, Granglass med björnbär, fläderbär och äpple

Image: Chef Jacob and Anton from Gastrologik

Slightly frustrated with her response, I walked another 20 steps before finding myself in front of a farmers’ basket filled with pumpkins and other fall produce.

Yes – I found my destination. Discreet, secret and totally worth traveling for is Gastrologik.

Nestled in the very chic district of  Östermalm, is the result of two amazing chefs with a strong resume of working with some of the best chefs in the world. But it doesn’t matter what they did in the past, it’s what they are doing now.

Chef Jacob Holmstrom and Pastry Chef Anton Bjuhr lead an apparently small kitchen staff leading to an even smaller dining room fit for only 30 guests. You would expect the banging of pots and pans and other great kitchen noises to impact your dining experience, but no…. not here at Gastrologik where Swedish designer Jonas Lindvall has created a sanctuary to block out all the oohhs and arhhhs from surrounding diner guests.

What sets Gastrologik from the rest of the delicious Swedish restaurants in Stockholm is the use of local and sometimes indigiouness ingredients sourced from farmers markets and local fisherman along the West Coast of Sweden. Portion sizes are generous, allowing diners to fully appreciate the fresh langoustine from Smogen or home-made and brewed soy sauce to make a classic braised quail egg to perfection.

Luckily, there is no menu, so you don’t have to decide what to indulge in when at Gastrologik.
For those on a tighter budget, book early and head to the annex where sister-restaurant,
Speceriet welcomes a much more jovial crowd of eaters.

I sit down with Chef Jacob and get his vision and thoughts on the dining scene of Sweden and how fine-dining is evolving in Stockholm.

Gastrologik, Artillerigatan 14, Stockholm; (46-8) 662-3060;; Starting from 1300 SEK for 10 courses, 995 kr for wine matching.
Image: Team Gastrologik

How has the dining scene changed in Stockholm in the last 5 years?
I think that there´s a younger generation of chefs that started to open up there own restaurants and that really changed the scene a lot. And this new generation takes greater pride in their Swedish heritage i believe.

What is the restaurant scene moving towards for 2015?
I think there will be a more complete restaurant scene wich does not only focus on ”fine dining”. which makes it a greater food destination, more complete.

Do you think fine dining is changing?
It´s always changing, but there will always be a place and room for fine dining restaurants, but right now there´s a big focus on bistros and more casual restaurants, which the city also needs.

How would you describe Speceriet?

It is a restaurant were we´ve been focusing on making it very available, it´s open more hours, lunch and dinner, no reservations and much cheaper menu prices. The feeling is more casual ”fun-dining” It´s a restaurant one can visit often.

More and more restaurants are opening smaller, sister -bistro style restaurants next to ‘fine-dining’ restaurants… is this just a trend?

It´s been a trend but its also a way of developing and reaching out to a wider audience. To visit a fine-dining restaurant can be quite an experience and that’s something one can’t digest every night, so more ordinary everyday-restaurants is needed.


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