Eighteen Chefs Double Bypass Fried Rice

Double Bypass Fried Rice from Eighteen Chefs


Image: Eighteen Chefs Double Bypass Rice

Spring Chicken 700gm

Boil water (5 litres) with :
4tbs honey
1tbs mixed herbs
2tbs black pepper crust
2tbs sea salt
3tbs chicken powder
1tbs paprika powder
4pcs bay leaves
#1 Immerse whole spring chicken in boiling water , cover with lid and OFF flame . LET IT SOAK FOR 40MINS .
#2 Remove chicken , let it hang dry thoroughly . Cut into half & ready to deep fry .
New York Strips 200gms X 2
Sea salt*
Black pepper*
Garlic powder*
White pepper*
Olive Oi*l
Amount to your liking . Marinate for 30mins or more . Grill according to your preferred doneness with butter & herbs .
Fried Rice
#1 Using leftover fats from N.Y.Strips together with fried tendons bits , sweat chopped garlics .
Add in rice , sauteed till “wok hei”
#2 Sea salt , chicken powder , white pepper & a dash of good quality “Dark Soya Sauce” to taste .
18C House Sauce
1tbs tomato sauce
1tbs chilli sauce
2tso peanut butter
2tsp sugar syrup
Lemon juice (optional)
Top up with fresh chopped garlics & chilli padi
To be serve on a chopping board & garnish with lots of scallion .
* Amount to your liking .


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