Exclusive Interview Eighteen Chefs, Benny Se Teo

‘I bought a chefs uniform, printed the words Executive chef…’ and so they say, the rest is history.

Image: Eighteen Chefs 

If it was that easy to wipe your slate clean and start anew, Singapore may not have one of the most controversial, yet worthwhile restaurant franchises in the country right now. 
There are no gimmicks to Eighteen Chefs, the menu is simple, affordable and a place to grab a quick bite. One things for sure, if you don’t like  you chicken, steak or pasta, you might want to reconsider how you tackle the sticky situation of alerting the kitchen staff, which primarily consists of ex-convicts and former outlaws with large kitchen knives in close range. 
But all jokes aside, Eighteen Chefs is a family restaurant like no other.  
The founder of Eighteen Chefs, Benny Se Teo may not seem like your average restaurateur. With nothing more than a love for food and a knack for cooking, Benny has transformed the way Singaporeans eat with his group, Eighteen Chefs. 

As an ex-convict himself, fighting drug addiction, his restaurant and organization mirrors Jamie Olivers’ Fifteen but with more conviction. 

Benny is not just an inspiration to former convicts but depicts the very social margins that people face in the work force. As an entrepreneur and family man among everything else, his awards (A Spirit of Enterprise honoree in 2009 and recipient of awards such as President’s Challenge Social Enterprise of the Year (2012) and Emerging Enterprise 2013)  and accolades speak highly of his actions and contributions to the community.
For those not in Singapore, Chef Benny shares his secret Double Bypass Fried Rice.
Chef Benny highly recommends cooking the egg at 64 deg  for the ultimate ‘runny yolk’ experience

For the full recipe of Eighteen Chefs Double Bypass Fried Rice, click here

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