Coke Jelly, Foie Gras and Lemon Granite Recipe

 Exclusive Recipe from Michelin Chef Thomas Bühner, Germany

Foie gras is definitely an acquired taste.

Without getting into too much detail and making you hate the French delicacy before you eat it – it is fatty liver that you are smearing on your crusty baguette!

Prized as an luxury, gourmet food all around the world, Foie Gras is slowly popping up around the US. From indulgent hot dogs in Chicago that serve slaps of Foie Gras atop a bratwurst (no ketchup- Chi-style!) to small Foie Gras creators in Brooklyn and Upstate New York – pleasure can be found a little closer to home if you live in the Big Apple.

For those who can’t travel to Germany for Chef Thomas Bühner’s famous Foie Gras.
Try this at home and blow your mind with coke jelly and lemon granite with a silky Foie Gras… WHAT???

Image: La Vie Restaurant, Osnabrück

Foie gras with coke jelly and lemon granite
420 g                          foie gras
190 g                          cream
70 g                            water
70 g                            consommé
                                    salt, pepper
4 l                                coke
7 sheet                       gelatin
1                                  lemon
210 g                          brown rum
420 g                          sugar
350 g                          glucose
2 ltr.                             water
6 sheet                       gelatin
6                                  lemon
Take cream, water, consommé, cut the liver into small cubes and mix all together with salt and pepper around two minutes in the Thermomix. Then strain the mixture through a fine sieve. Now, fill it in the slanting glass bowls (30g) burn it off due to the air bubbles, allow to cure and put it into a cool place.
Reduce the coke, soak gelatinand add it to the hot coke. Pass the thin strips through a sieve and when it is slightly warm put the rum to it and let it cool down. Spread 2-2½ tablespoons of jelly over the cold liver.
Cut the large rocket leaves into fine julienne and use the small spikes all.
Caramelize sugar and glucose, cover with water and dissolve the sugar in the mixture. Soak the gelatin, cool it down and add the thin strips and the lemon juice.  Fill it into a shallow pot and freeze it over night.
For the goose liver ice, use the same productionas for the goose liver crème. Freeze it over night in a Pacojet cup and remove it in portions.
Get the foie grasshortly before serving from the refrigerator, sprinkle a littleMaldon sea salt on the jelly, spread threesmall peaks of rocket and the rocket cut on the jelly and arrange the lemon gratin (two teaspoons) on the jelly and place a cam of ice cream at the end of the crème.

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