One Restaurant, North Carolina (Exclusive Recipe)


Image: One Restaurant

North Carolina…. gourmet words and images don’t necessarily come to mind when you think of the Tar Heel State.

The famous Krispy Kreme donut was founded in Winston-Salem
Hardee’s fast food chain and of course the beloved nector of the state: Cheerwine – which is best enjoyed with salted peanuts in a glass bottle (as I learned from locals in a gas station).

But hang on: since Brooklyn is the new Manhattan and fusion foods are now cool… North Carolina is officially turning food-snob-heads.

Since the New York Times categorized Chapel Hill as the new cool of North Carolina’s Triangle, if you do find yourself in the area and want something a little more refined, delicate and fancy outside of the highly addictive NC BBQ (hog and all baby!) head straight for One Restaurant.

The dynamic pair in the kitchen, Chef Kim Floresca and Chef Daniel Ryan have such a huge resume and long list of achievements, I thought it would be best to get them to list the highlights of their careers – we all love a name drop

Image: One Restaurant: Chef Kim and Chef Dan – ONE

So Chef Kim splurged – modest as she is, I did have to twist her arm to get this from her

“To give you an idea of Daniel and myself, we have been together 11 years next month, working in some of the best restaurants possible in every major city in the U.S. Our travels and hunger to work in some of the most astounding restaurants in the world took us from Colorado Springs, CO to Chicago where Daniel helped open up Alinea and I worked at Tru. From there we went to NYC and he worked for Alain Ducasse and Eleven Madison Park, while I was working at Per Se. From there, our hunger to see more took us to Spain where we lived for 2 years working in Mugaritz, San Sebastian as well as El Bulli, in Las Rosas. After that, I became an Executive Sous Chef under Christopher Kostow at The Restaurant at Meadowood and Daniel worked as a pastry sous chef at The French Laundry. 

He later joined me at The Restaurant and from there we decided to take the reins of a kitchen of our own. We planted our roots here in Chapel Hill, NC. The agriculture, bounty and overall southern hospitality have been a set of welcoming arms to the community. 

After many years of working under the eyes of many of the world’s most acclaimed Chef’s, we are developing a voice of our own within the community we are helping build here in the Triangle. We are a team that knows each other strengths and weakness and can only hope to drive.”
But what if you can’t get to North Carolina and indulge in Chef Kim and Chef Dan’s culinary masterpieces? You can try, definitely really try to play chef at home with this delicious recipe, generously given to me by the two star chefs

Octopus, Panisse, Hummus, Okra

Image: One Restaurant

For the Octopus:
2 Octopus Tentacles
5L of Water
250 g Salt
1. In a conatiner large enough to hold the tentacles, mix the salt with the water.
2. Submerge the tentacles in the saline solution for 1 hour.
3. Remove and immediately transfer the tentacles to a pot with cold water.
4. Bring the water to a simmer then allow to slowly poach for about 1 hour. It is ready when you can inserted a knife and there is no resistance.
5. Allow to cool in it’s own liquid then season with salt and pimenton de la vera (or smoked paprika) and grill for about 2 minutes, flipping it over to the other side half way through.
6. Slice thinly and season with olive oil.
Panisse Chips:
200 g Water
100 g Chickpea Flour
tt Kosher Salt
1. In a pot whisk in the chickpea flour with the water and salt.
2. With a spatula, continue to stir constantly and cook until the chickpea flour begins to really thicken. 
3. Transfer to a tray lined with a silpat and pour the mixture out. Place another silpat on top and roll until very thin.
4. Transfer the tray to a freezer and allow to freeze.
5. When you are ready to use the panisse, prepare a pot with 350F fryer oil and break off the panisse and fry until golden brown.

Fresh Hummus:
200 g Fresh, Shucked and Blanched Favas, skins removed
100 g Extra Virgin Olive Oil
tt Lemon Juice
tt Kosher Salt
1. In a food processor, blend the favas then emulsify the olive oil in. Continue to spin and season well with lemon juice and salt.
Tiny mustard greens
Fresh shucked fava beans
Charred Okra


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