The return of the Highball: Perfect Highball Recipe

I love the name: Highball

Image: Highball from Highball Lounge, Boston

It sounds like fun. It should be fun.
There are no rules to making Highballs, which makes cocktail parties super easy and super duper fun

Highballs are notoriously famous and popular in Japan
Pop into any Izakaya and order a Japanese whiskey highball (or high ball-ru) to kick start your Tokyo story.

Highballs are apparently so popular now and making a comeback because of the no-fuss, easy process of making a drink for HUGE amounts of people.
Say a bartender needs to cater to 100 thirsty camels, make a highball – no gimmicks, no mess, just pour, pour and pour baby – happy customers all around.

There are three important ingredients to making the Perfect Highball, but by all means are these necessary ingredients. They are just merely guides to getting you started on your Highball addiction

Sparkling (Soda, mineral water or even flavoured sparkling like ginger ale)
Spirit – Whiskey

There are two rules that should DEFINITELY be followed when constructing Highballs

1. Use a 12 ounce narrow mouthed glass

WHY? The tall glass, helps preserve the bubbles

2. Don’t stir
WHY? This is the lazy man’s drink, stirring is time consuming… if you have enough bubbles in your sparkling… it will take care of the mix process

What does the expert say?
We get advice from the best Highball maker in the country:

Highball Specialist: Shaher Misif from Highball Lounge in Boston, Massachusetts

 Highball Lounge, Boston

Image: Highball


Shaher Misif’s Chilcano Americano

In a Highball Glass
2oz  Barsol Quebranta Pisco
.5oz Ginger syrup
.5oz Lemon Juice
Fill w/Ginger Beer
Add Ice
Garnish w/ lime wheel

Topped w/ Angostura Bitters


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