Exclusive Recipe from Chef Mathew Molloy

Rabbit Pate Campagne, Makes approx. 1 -3# terrine


Image: Andy Ryan Inn at Hastings Park
For an exclusive interview with Chef Mathew Molloy, click here
1 lb, 6 oz  Lean Rabbit, cut into small chunks
5 oz Lean pork butt, cut into small chunks
1 lb fatback, cut into small chunks
10 oz liver (Rabbit is ideal, sub chicken or duck livers if necessary)
10 slices of bacon, pounded lightly to thin
2 cloves garlic, minced
2/3 c onion (sweated with the garlic)
4 Tablespoons chopped parsley
1 teaspoon thyme leaves
30 g sea salt
3 g instacure #1
¾ teaspoons ground white pepper
¾ teaspoons fennel seed, toasted and ground
Zest of 1/2 Orange, grated on a microplane
2 oz heavy cream
2 eggs
¾  oz flour
¾ oz brandy
2/3 c Toasted Pistachios
1/3  c rabbit stock  (OPTIONAL)
          Grind thoroughly chilled rabbit, pork and pork fat through the coarse die on the grinder, doing each one separately and keeping them separate.
          Reserve 1# of the coarsely ground rabbit.  Grind the remaining rabbit, pork, coarsely ground pork fat, liver and seasonings on the medium die. 
          Combine panada in a bowl until smooth. Add to ground meat mixture and mix in the Hobart on low speed until combined.  Fold in the pistachios.  With machine running, drizzle in the rabbit stock  Mix on medium speed for 30 seconds to one minute until sticky to the touch.
          Pack into terrine molds lined with plastic and the flattened bacon strips (approximately 10 per terrine mold- lining the bottom and sides of the mold, wrapping the ends over the top of the farce to wrap completely.  The pounded bacon strips should just overlap over the top of the farce).
          Cook in a waterbath in a 300 degree oven until 155 degree internal temp.  Allow to set up overnight.

Image: Andy Ryan Inn at Hastings Park


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