Exclusive Recipe from Grand Chef Dale Gartland

The Luxe-life

Relais & Châteaux

The Luxe-life continues with an yet another exclusive recipe from Grand Chef Dale Gartland


Image provided by Relais&Chateaux

Dale Gartland is the36-year-old Group Executive Chef for New Zealand’s The Farm at Cape Kidnappers, Matakauri Lodge and The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs, where he is currently based. Showcasing the finest and freshest cuisine, Gartland’s expertise is in high demand – he has featured as a special guest chef aboard Silversea Cruises.
The B*Critic Says: Nice flavours, excellent produce and recipes in dot points to help those still scratching their heads after Grand Chefs Christopher Kostow’s recipe of Lamb in a Clay pot

Image provided by Relais&Chateaux
Image provided by Relais&Chateaux

Scallop/Salmon Eggs/Lemon

·         Pan seared scallop cut in half (dependant on size might be half per serve or whole one)

·         Salmon Eggs  (200g) 1 teaspoon per canapé

·         Lemon Z  (Limoncello NZ brand) (65g)

·         Champagne Vinegar (15g)

·         Chopped Chives

·         Lemon Gel

Marinate salmon eggs with Limoncello & vinegar for around 1 hour

Severed in a spoon 

Duck/Paua/Mushrooms/Soy & Ginger

·         Breast of Duck ½ breast per serve, skin trimmed

·         Baby New Zealand Abalone (paua) 80ml cleaned, vacuumed sealed with lemon zest, thyme & olive oil. Cook in water bath 80°C for 4 hours then ice down, take out of packet and dry well and refrigerate or will probably  cook straight from raw depends on the ingredient

Warm Salad of mushrooms & sauté paua 

·         Oyster, Shitake Enoki mushrooms for Sauté

·         Pickled ginger julienne

·         Toasted white & black sesame seeds

·         Coriander picked

·         Bok choy leaves, pre blanched

·         Sauce to bind

Sauce (butter sauce) approx 10 portions


·         1 shallot

·         1 clove garlic

·         1 sprig thyme

·         40g  rice wine vinegar

·         25g pickled ginger juice

·         60g  low salt soy sauce

·         15g  truffle oil

·         10 ml cream

·         100g Butter

·         chopped  chives


·         Enoki mushrooms raw

·         Daikon radish Julienne

·         Coriander cress

·         Mizuna cress

·         Basic vinaigrette  (Olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper)

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