Poppin’ good time: How to Pop Corn


How do you POP?
According to experts at Jolly Popcorn popcorn must contain the proper mositure level to pop perfectly. If the corn is too dry, the moisture has escaped from the tiny kernel and you are left with stale popcorn. 
Who wants that?
Store any unpopped kernels in a sealed airtight container on the cupboard shelf. 
Don’t be tempted to put it in the refrierator or freezer.
White, yellow and blue?
White corn is smaller, more tender kernel
Yellow is a tougher, larger and sometimes cheaper kernel
Blue corn apparently ‘more’ nutritious than the white and yellow since it retains anthocyanin & cyanidin due to its vibrant blue colour. Taste slightly sweet compared to its cousins.
Recipe for the best popcorn
Forget expensive kitchen gadgets and tools. They may be fun but hey they are expensive
1. In a large heavy non-stick pan, put 1 tbs of oil ( or not)
2. Over medium high heat, add in your kernels, so the kernels cover just one layer of the pot
3. Put lid on and jiggle the pot every 30 seconds or so
4. When the popping starts, keep an eye on it
5. Once the popping reduces to about 2 per 4 seconds take off the heat
6. Stir in your favourite spices, toppings etc or leave them plain
Gourmet popcorn
Regular brand/s

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